Our Philosophy
Is it really relevant to set goals and targets ? Goals derived from a purpose which is close to our heart is vital to our existence otherwise life may become like a parcel that has been dispatched without an address or a boat which is sailing without a rudder and is in the deep blue ocean without knowing where to head for. Goals give us a direction in life. As proved by various physiologists across the globe,“thoughts become reality” and visualization of our goals and dreams leads to a better probability of achieving them. The more we visualize the manifestation of our dreams the more we are walking towards them.But can we visualise our goals & dreams at a given point of time whenthere are negative thoughts hovering in our mind? The answer is NO, we can only visualise negative outcomes at a given point of time when we undergo negative thoughts and that weakens our probability of reaching our goals. Can we regulate our thoughtsinto a positive direction ? Perhaps no but we can surely regulate the way we FEEL, we call thisprocess “FEEL GOOD” & it can be explained in the following steps:-

Step 1 involves a question mark …..? : Be conscious of how you feel. Every task you do whether at work or at home or whether you are with your friends or playing a sport, be conscious of how you feel, be honest and ask yourself, “Do you Feel Good?”

Step 2 is acceptance of our true state of mind: If the answer to the above mentioned is YES then you are in the zone of visualization of your goals because you are in a positive zone. If the answer is NO, we need to understand that once we accept our state of mind even if it’s in the negative zone, we attain stability and peace. This acceptance sets the stage for re-entering the FEEL GOOD state of mind

Step 3 is reinforce : You have an opportunity to come back to the FEEL GOOD position by visualizing something that can turnaround your bad mood into a ray of happiness. This visualization could be your little children or your sweet little pet or your loving spouse or the cuddle that you received from your mom when you were small or it could be your favourite public figure or a motivating song, it could even be a valuable book. You are now in your FEEL GOOD stage and ready to again visualize your dreams. Your dreams may be as tall as the Mount Everest but cannot escape you if you are in the FEEL GOOD mode

Abraham Linclon once stated, “When I do good, I FEEL GOOD. When I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion.” Thus the FEEL GOOD process will be incomplete if we do not apply this to our own self. You can be the most beautiful person in your own life thus spend some time everyday with your own self, stand in the mirror and say “ I Love you “, stand in the mirror and at times give a flower to your own self and say “ You are the most beautiful person I have ever met “

Fundamental food for thought: What is the underlying motive behind our daily work &why do we want to achieve certain goals in life ? Is it not to lead a happy life ? Yes it is “FEEL GOOD”

So when behind all the goals and our daily effort, the ultimate objective is to “FEEL GOOD” at a future date then why do we forget to be happy during the course of our daily chores ? Is it not deceiving the entire motive of our existence if we compromise our FEEL GOOD in order to achieve our goals ? We may tend to think that we will FEEL GOOD & happy after we achieve our goals but countless testimonials have proved that such a FEEL GOOD post achievement is short lived because of the reason that Human Beings tend to loose value for what we have in hand. Whatever situation we are in today was in the past a goal for us and in totality we may still not be completely happy & satisfied even after achieving certain goals because we have attached ourselves to bigger targets. Thus we at REDWING strongly feel that happy phase of our life is in today and not only in future after we achieveour dreams

At REDWING we encourage our team members, our suppliers, our vendors, our customers to “FEEL GOOD”in every step at work, at every moment in our dealings. If over a period of time we arenot able to derive a “FEEL GOOD” in our dealings then we must cease to deal with each other because in REDWING the first priority is to “FEEL GOOD” and only then can we justify our objectives, “FEEL GOOD” is the biggest IMPETUS in achieving our dreams.

Achieving goals is always a joint effort in professional as well as our personal life. A mutual alignment of goals is also equally important and only then can we work as a cohesive team in order to achieve and help achieve each others goals. A day will arise in the lives of all of us when the LOVE for the purpose behind why we want to achieve our goals will become so significant that even a major challenge or obstacle will only generate a “FEEL GOOD”and the JOURNEY it’s self will become the GOAL. It is said that success is the path to happiness. But according to Harvard professor Shawn Achor, the opposite is true:Happiness is the secret to success